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                Position: Home > Introduction >About Minmetals Land Limited About Minmetals Land Limited

                Minmetals Land Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “Minmetals Land”) (stock code: 0230) is the sole listed real estate flagship of China Minmetals Corporation in Hong Kong. The Company principally engages in the business of real estate development, specialised construction, property investment and property management. Meanwhile, the Company’s real estate development business covers the Pan Bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta, Central China and Pearl River Delta regions, while specialised construction business that based in Shanghai and Hong Kong has coverage over fifty cities in the country.

                Currently, Minmetals Land’s portfolio of real estate development comprises 12 projects in the PRC, namely the Fortune Garden in Beijing, the Platinum Bay in Yingkou, the Minmetals Vanke City in Xianghe, the Minmetals International in Tianjin, the Laguna Bay, the Riveria Royale, the Sello Royale and the Grand Royale in Nanjing, the LOHAS International Community, the Scotland Town and the Kai Fu Project in Changsha, and the Hallstatt See in Huizhou. These projects have become the landmark projects in the vicinities where they locate and the Company has gained considerable market recognition accordingly. Apart from the existing project developments, the Company is also actively seeking investment opportunities arising from China’s urbanization development so as to enhance rapid expansion with an aim of promoting Minmetals Land as a leading and sustainable real estate developer in the PRC.

                The Company engages in the business of specialised construction through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Minmetals Condo (Shanghai) Construction Co., Ltd. (“Condo Shanghai”) for the PRC market and Minmetals Condo (Hong Kong) Engineering Company Limited (“Condo HK”) for the Hong Kong market. Established in 1993, Condo Shanghai possesses National First Class Curtain Wall Qualification Certificate and Class A Certificate for Specific Design for Curtain Wall Engineering Projects as well as ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Certification. Condo Hong Kong possesses ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 14001 Certification .

                The Company’s investment property business in Hong Kong mainly comprises the lease of offices and commercial space of two commercial office buildings, namely the LKF 29 in Central and the China Minmetals Tower in Kowloon where the occupancy rates of both buildings constantly maintain at a substantially high level.

                The Company also engages in the business of property management through three property management companies in the PRC, namely Yingkou Minmetals Grace Home Property Management Co., Ltd., Nanjing Minmetals Grace Home Property Management Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Minmetals Grace Home Property Management Co., Ltd.. which provide quality services to the real estate development projects of the Company of over one million square metres. The mission of these companies is to provide first-class, attentive and caring services to property owners and thus, raising brand recognition of the Company.