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                [Human Resources Philosophy / Our People]

                Human resources strategy is one of the most important components in formulating the overall strategic plan of the Company.  Our philosophy on human resources is to respecting and supporting our employees, offering them with incentives and providing them career advancement opportunities.  We, at all times, uphold such philosophy to ensure our employees fully realize their potential.

                The Company cherishes those who devote continuous effort and dedication to accomplish the corporate goals.  They are the most valuable asset to the Company.  We take note of the uniqueness of each employee and believe that they would contribute. We advocate a realistic and practical approach in doing our jobs and encourage timely response and feedback that substantially form an integral part of our core values.  We appreciate and reward those who follow the corporate culture of Minmetals Land and make contribution accordingly. We are eager to promote such philosophy and create an atmosphere to embrace the spirits of Minmetals Land amongst our customers, business partners and the community.

                Our human resources policy has placed paramount attention to “recruiting the best people and, offering competitive remuneration packages and incentives, providing ongoing professional trainings and ensuring continuous career development for our staff”. We identify and invite people of high caliber that share the same view of our corporate culture to join us.  We offer them competitive remuneration packages and develop them with on-job professional training to ensure they fully realize their potential which is essential to corporate growth and sustainability. Having capable managers and senior engineers are as important as achieving financial targets of the Company.

                The Company is committed to building a best place for our staff to achieve self-actualization. As such, the Company shall foster an engaging and inclusive environment where mutual respect and trust are in place.