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                Minmetals Land Limited Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Wing Lung Bank

                Update:2013.04.10    Writer: admin    Source: 未知    Views:

                On March 26, the signing ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Minmetals Land Limited(“MLL”) and Wing Lung Bank was held inside Wing Lung Bank Building, located at Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong SAR. Vice president of China Minmetals Corporation, Chairman of MLL, Mr.Sun Xiaomin, and Governor of Wing Lung Bank, Mr. Zhu Qi delivered a speech respectively. Managing Director of MLL, Mr. He Jianbo and Managing Director of Wing Lung Bank, Mr. Xu Zhihong, on behalf of the two sides signed the agreement. In addition, Deputy Managing Director of Minmetals HK (Holdings), Mr. Qian Wenchao, Deputy Managing Director of MLL, Ms. He Xiaoli, Assistant General Manager of Wing Lung Bank, Mr. Huang Rui, Supervisor of Chinese-funded Subsidiary, Mr. Zhang Haiwei and other managers attended the signing ceremony.

                During the ceremony, Vice President Mr. Sun briefed on the development of China Minmetals Corporation and MLL, and reviewed the cooperation history of Wing Lung Bank and MLL. Mr. Sun pointed out that Wing Lung Bank is not only a Chinese-funded bank with long history in Hong Kong, it was also the first approved Hong Kong Bank to set up branches in the Mainland since the signing up for Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) between Hong Kong and the Mainland, and has extensive and close cooperation history with MLL. Mr. Sun spoke highly of the healthy development concept and innovative spirit of Wing Lung Bank, and extended his hope for MLL and Wing Lung Bank to inherit good tradition, and start a new chapter to establish a new type of long-term bank-enterprise strategic partnership, (“across borders, with large-scale and deep involvement”), to achieve a win-win situation for this cooperation. Governor Mr. Zhu Qi also expressed high willingness to establish long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship on the basis of years of cooperation history, and promised to provide more support for MLL with full finance services such as financial advisory, loan programs, credit support, fund settlement and etc.

                The successful signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, indicates that the two sides have taken a new step to cooperate, and are committed to maintaining the long-term, stable, reciprocity and comprehensive cooperative relations, and making effort to accomplish resource sharing, complementary advantages, and double-win situation.