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                Minmetals Land Limited Held the 2013 Mid-year Working Conference

                Update:2013.07.10    Writer: admin    Source: 未知    Views:

                On July 10, 2013, Minmetals Land Limited (‘MLL’) held the 2013 Mid-year Working Conference in Beijing. Mr. He Jianbo, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of MLL, presided over the meeting and delivered a closing speech. Mr. He comprehensively reviewed over the company operation in the first half year, analyzed the current market situation, and deployed the key work in the second half year. During the first half year, the company has firmly grasped the opportunities to achieve a good start, including the first successful issue of US$350 Million Guaranteed Bonds, the completion of the sales target of the first half year, the obtain of HK $3.8 billion syndicated loan, and the winning of the auction of  136000 square meters of residential land parcel in Nanjing. In the second half year, we should strive for a higher sales target. Finally, he put forward suggestions on the corporate strategy, the effective integration of resources, the refining of management, and the forging of excellent team to further enhance the company's competitiveness.

                Mr. Yin Liang, Deputy Managing Director, also made a profound analysis on the comany operation of the first half year. Mrs. He Xiaoli, Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Yang Lv, Deputy Managing Director, and Mr. Duan Mingang, Deputy Director of the marketing department delivered reports respectively.

                Members of the leadership, managers form the headquarter departments and Managing Directors of Regional Subsidiaries attended the meeting through the video conference.