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                Minmetals Land Limited Successfully Concluded the HK$5.3 Billion Syndicated Loan Facility

                Update:2013.12.22    Writer: admin    Source: 未知    Views:

                On 20 December 2013, Minmetals Land Limited (“MLL”) successfully concluded the HK$5.3 billion syndicated loan facility. Mr. He Jianbo, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of MLL, signed this 5-year Facility with ten financial institutions. 

                This 5-year Facility led by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited as Facility agent, has the longest loan tenor among the three facilities that MLL concluded in HK. The Facility was well received by international and local banks and was heavily oversubscribed. The overwhelming response to the Facility clearly demonstrates the solid financial strength and strong credit quality of MLL. The proceeds of the Facility will be used primarily for refinancing purposes and to meet the general funding requirements of MLL and its subsidiaries.

                MLL closed two loan facilities in 2013, and the other one is HK$3.8 billion term loan concluded in July. As a HK listed company, MLL made the most of the HK capital platform, developed long-term cooperation with financial institutions, timely provided funding for domestic projects, and laid a solid foundation for company development. 

                Mrs. He Xiaoli, Deputy Managing Director of MLL, and Mr. Deng, Yingjie, Finance Director of MLL, witnessed the signing process.