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                Mr. He Jian Bo Attended the "2014 China Real Estate Capital Forum"

                Update:2014.08.30    Writer: admin    Source: 未知    Views:

                On August 28, 2014, the "2014 China Real Estate Capital Forum" was held in the Beijing Kerry Centre Hotel, hosted by Beijing BrilliantStone Investment Consulting Company, co-sponsored by the GoHigh Capital, the Mutual Affluency Investment Fund and the Luckyhope Company. Mr He Jianbo, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Minmetals Land Limited, was invited as an honored guest to attend this activity. 
                During the theme talk of the "Transformation and Capital Strategy of Real Estate Enterprises ", Mr. He Jianbo had a lively discussion with Mr. Xu Xiaojun, the Vice President of Evergrande Real Estate Development Company, Mr Zhang Zaidong, the Chairman of Fengshang Real Estate Company, Mr Teng Weilin, an investor of the pension real estate, and Mr. Fan Xiaozhong, the Executive Vice President of Sunshine100 Company.
                The keywords of this forum are “Authority, Influence, Innovation and Practice”. The forum attracted hundreds of elites from both the real estate industry and the finance industry. Mr. Liu Zhifeng, the President of China Real Estate Association, Mrs. Qin Hong, the Director of the Policy Research Centre of the MOHURD, Mr. Gong Fangxiong, the Chairman of JPMorgan Chase China Investment Bank, Mr.Su Xin, the President of the GoHigh Capital and Mr. Zhang Baoguo, the President of the Mutual Affluency Investment Fund, made speeches respectively at the forum regarding topics as the finance reform, real estate capital innovation and financing practices of the real estate transformation.